Je suis très fière de vous annoncer que ma photo « light in the underwood »  a été sélectionnée par Darkroom Gallery (Vermont – USA) pour faire partie de leur exposition sur le thème « Rare Earth » et qu’elle fait partie des 6 photos mises en avant avec une mention honorable de la part du jury. Je dois avouer que je me suis laissée glisser avec délice dans le pêcher de l’auto-satisfaction pendant 10 mn lorsque j’ai reçu cette nouvelle 🙂


Voici ce qu’attendait le jury, William Neill :

It is partially a gift of the subject itself, how varied the genre of landscape photography can be.   Combine the extremes of the land each of us has walked, with the variety of visions each of us chooses to communicate, and we’re bound to witness just how rare our earth can be.

We’re looking to see a range of what landscape images can be:  macro details to vast panoramas, conceptual narratives, abstractions, document, or relational gestures.  We hope to feature varied points of view from every crook and bend, angle and junction, on the globe.  With your unique images, we will honor the extents of this Rare planet we call Earth.

Et je partage avec vous sa conclusion :

The photography submitted for the Rare Earth competition was a pleasure to review. The work as a whole showed a strong sensitivity to the wondrous qualities of our planet. The styles of capture and post-processing varied greatly, some straightforward in technique, and other highly interpretive. I appreciate any technique that communicates both the emotion of the artist and a sense of place. My initial editing removed photographs that I felt had technical issues, whether in composition, exposure or post-processing. I also focused intently on how I felt the image fit the theme of Rare Earth.

In the later half of my decision-making process, I found it very difficult to narrow down to the required number as I became attached to many more photographs than made the final selections. All of the images were viewed many times over many days of studying the submissions.

Being a landscape photographer myself for 38 years, I was very pleased to see the range of ideas and emotion expressed in the submissions about this Earth. All of them showed a deeply felt value for, and connection to, the land. The high degree of creativity in how photographers are approaching the genre stylistically was encouraging, as was that I saw very few clichés. Whether your photographs made the final cut or not, please continue to photograph and share your work, stay connected with nature and aware of our impact on the landscape so that our children’s children will live on a healthier Earth.



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